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Hello, I’m Gillian and I run a massage therapy business in Leeds called Calico Massage TherapyBeing a massage therapist has given me a great deal of satisfaction and I have enjoyed working with clients to address their physical issues while also helping them relax and reduce their stress levels.  When acouple of my clients became pregnant, I realised that I’d like to extend my skills and train in prenatal massage so that I could continue working with them through their pregnancy. 

Photo - Gillian GrayI quickly realised that I absolutely loved working with mums-to-be and their partners at this very special time of their lives. So whilst I continue to provide regular massage therapy at Calico Massage Therapy, I now specialise in pregnancy and postnatal massage which is offered through Calico Pregnancy Massage. 

I am passionate about providing support and massage therapy to pregnant women, their partners and wider family. I also strongly believe that massage should continue into the post-natal period when new mums and their partners can also significantly benefit from the physical and emotional support that massage therapy can provide.


I am fully trained and insured  to carry out pregnancy massage. I am trained to leading international  and national standards  in massage therapy and I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association.  I always operate within industry standard codes of ethics and practice. If you'd like to find out more or just have a chat, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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  the philosophy of calico pregnancy massage

I'll do my best to banish aches and pains and help you blossom during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

Calico Mobile Pregnancy Massage Therapy Leeds Leeds Philosophy

Mothers and their partners need to take time out to relax and be looked after once their baby is born.                           

  The safety and comfort of you and your baby is my main concern at all times during your treatment.

I believe that pregnancy is a natural part of women's lives and a time to be enjoyed and celebrated.


I believe dads-to-be and partners need support at this incredible and challenging time too.

I believe that everyone's body is beautiful no matter what shape or size.



specialising in antenatal and postnatal massage therapy in                                                                        tel: 07528 242 659
leeds and bradford                                                                                                               email: [email protected]

Calico Mobile Pregnancy Massage, Leeds.    t: 07528 242 659     e: [email protected]calicomassage.co.uk


 Working in and around the Leeds and Bradford area and from a treatment room in Leeds, Calico Pregnancy Massage offers therapeutic antenatal and postnatal massage treatments. Please just contact me for a chat to find out more or to make an appointment. Privacy Policy.

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