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post-natal massage

I also offer post-natal massage to help you in the weeks and months following your baby’s birth. At this time there can be considerable stresses and strains on Calico Mobile Pregnancy Massage Postnatal massageyour body from cuddling, feeding and carrying your new baby. Massage can help reduce these and just as importantly for you - and indirectly for your baby and family - can give you some gentle time out to recharge, relax and let someone else look after you for a while.

l tailor each treatment to suit your needs at the time of your appointment and draw on a variety of techniques ranging from classic Swedish massage, to lymph drainage and advanced deep tissue massage, in order to help reduce muscular pain, promote circulation, improve sleep, reduce stress and relax you.

Post-natal massage can begin whenever you feel ready after your baby’s birth but it is best to leave it at least a week after a vaginal birth and 6 weeks after a caesarean. More information on this can be found on the frequently asked questions page.

You may wonder how you’ll have time to fit in a treatment between feeds, sleeping and just getting through the day and this is why my mobile service is ideal. I’ll come to your home and bring along all the necessary equipment for your treatment so you don’t need to arrange a babysitter or even get out of your pyjamas! I’m flexible and happy to work round feeding and nap times but if those are unpredictable or you’d prefer to have your baby with you during your treatment then that’s absolutely fine too. I’m very comfortable giving you a massage while your baby and children are around and interacting with you.

If you’d like to get together with another mum and relax with a treatment while your friend looks after your baby and then return the favour while your friend is massaged, I offer an option for block bookings (please see the pennies page). This is also ideal if both you and your partner would like a treatment at the same session.

I work in and around the Leeds and Bradford area and the treatment price includes travel to your home. If you live outside these areas, a small charge for mileage will be added to the price and this will be agreed with you at the time of booking.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to have a chat about the treatments offered or to make an appointment.

specialising in antenatal and postnatal massage therapy in                                                                        tel: 0752 824 2659
leeds and bradford                                                                                                               email: [email protected]

Calico Mobile Pregnancy Massage Leeds, West Yorkshire. t: 0752 824 2659 e: [email protected]


 Working in and around the Leeds and Bradford area and from a treatment room in Leeds, Calico Pregnancy Massage offers therapeutic antenatal and postnatal massage treatments. Please just contact me for a chat to find out more or to make an appointment. Privacy Policy.

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