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pregnancy and postnatal support links
Mother Nurture Nurturing treatments for mums-to-be at Mothercare, Leeds

UK charity providing information and support to parents and parents-to-be. Helpline 0300 330 0700

NCT Pregnancy Guide Trimester by trimester guide to your pregnancy.
NHS Pregnancy Care Planner NHS interactive planner for pregnancy and parenthood.
Leeds Healing – Reflexology Leeds Healing provides reflexology and reiki during pregnancy.
Independent Midwives UK Professional organisation promoting the role of independent practitioners who choose to work outside of the NHS.
Wharfedale Independent Midwifery Practice Independent midwives working in Yorkshire and the North providing one-to-one midwifery support to women in a holistic and individualised way.
Yorkshire Storks Midwifery Practice Yorkshire based group of independent midwives offering home-based and family-centred midwifery care.
Doula UK Promoting the role of doula’s and offering guidelines for parents and parents-to-be.
Tommy’s UK charity dedicated to maximising health in pregnancy and funding medical research into the cause of and prevention of miscarriage. Pregnancy helpline 0800 0147 800
  Pregnancy Sickness Support UK charity working to improve care, treatment and support for women suffering from Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy.

UK charity offering support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies.   Helpline 08451 228 669

  Bumps and Babes Offering health & fitness lifestyle programmes, antenatal & parenthood education and postnatal support packages facilitated by highly experienced, fully qualified and insured Midwives,  to parents-to-be and new parents in Leeds and Bradford and surrounding areas
  Gillian Shippey Pregnancy Yoga A wonderful pregnancy yoga teacher based in Bingley
  Yoga Kula Leeds A beautiful, dedicated yoga studio in Chapel Allerton Leeds which offers frequent pregnancy yoga classes by the lovely Lindsay Gale
  The Family Hub Leeds Leeds City Council's information service for parents and carers of children and young people.
  Netmums Leeds arm of the online parenting organisation.
  Bambuno Utterly gorgeous bath bonnets for little wet heads and dinky, funky changing mats for little wet bums! 
  Hugs and Stuff Delightfully special baby gifts for new arrivals, baby showers, christenings or for colleagues going on maternity leave.
specialising in antenatal and postnatal massage therapy in                                                                        tel: 07528 242 659
leeds and bradford                                                                                                               email: [email protected]

Calico Mobile Pregnancy Massage Leeds, West Yorkshire.    t: 07528 242 659    e: [email protected]


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 Working in and around the Leeds and Bradford area and from a treatment room in Leeds, Calico Pregnancy Massage offers therapeutic antenatal and postnatal massage treatments. Please just contact me for a chat to find out more or to make an appointment. Privacy Policy.

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